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The Academy Presents podcast

May 24, 2023

Uncover the secrets to skyrocket your real estate profits in the latest episode of Real Estate Investing Rocks! Join Angel and Jonathan as they reveal invaluable tips on value add strategies, finding lucrative properties, and increasing your rental income. Don't miss out on this thrilling conversation where you'll also gain expert insights on analyzing industrial warehouses, researching potential tenants, and establishing a niche to become a true industry expert. Get ready to live your dream life through real estate investing – tune in now!




[00:01 - 06:34] Unlock the Secrets to Unlocking Your Financial Potential with Value Add Strategies

  • Commercial real estate is valued based on length of lease and strength of tenant
  • Investors want stability and security so properties with longer leases are more attractive 
  • Due diligence is needed to determine likelihood of tenant staying or leaving 


[06:35 - 12:49] Reaping the Benefits of Investing in Non-Residential Commercial Properties

  • Brokers may try to bedazzle potential buyers by offering memorandums that contain errors
  • Relationships with brokers are important and should not be taken for granted
  • Value add investors can diagnose properties and leases to increase rents and add value 


[12:50 - 19:17] Discover the Benefits of Niching Down in Non-Residential Investing 

  • Non-residential deals are different from each other and need to be approached differently 
  • Investors should focus on a niche in the non-residential world to become an expert


[19:18 - 25:32] Understanding the Different Types of Tenants and Factors to Consider When Purchasing

  • Amazon is the largest tenant of industrial warehouse space, but not the only one 
  • Warehouse space can be divided into Class A, B and C 
  • Look for warehouses built in the 1980s and beyond as they are more modern 


[25:33 - 28:58] Closing Segment

  • Analyze a potential deal using price per square foot and look at neighboring businesses to get an idea of the socioeconomic status of the area 
  • Listeners can visit to learn more about Jonathan and his work




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“There are some things that you can do, but like anything, I think it's also really important to be confident that you're buying in the right area.” – Jonathan Hayek


“If you know what you're doing, there really can be both building wealth and cash flow.” – Jonathan Hayek



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