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Oct 24, 2022

This is part 1 of my conversation with Andrew Rosenberg, from Honolulu, Hawaii.  He is married with a teenage son and he is a fourth-generation entrepreneur and works in Family Business with his father. 10+ years as a real estate investor. Making the transition from SFH to Multifamily Syndications. Purely passive Limited Partner investors. 3,000+ units and exceeding a dozen Syndication deals. Founder of the CRE SPOTLIGHT, a short content educational CRE production using captioned audio.  Co-Host with Christina Stevens of SIMPLY SUNDAYS, a monthly CRE Zoom Networking Meetup.


In this episode, Andrew Rosenberg shares his story of how he became an investor. He discusses the importance of asking questions and being proactive in your real estate investing strategy. He mentions that first-time investors often do not understand what they are getting into and that operators should take care to thoroughly explain the risks to their investors. To learn more about Andrew Rosenberg and his work, listeners can visit his LinkedIn!


[00:01 - 08:18] From Corporate Finance To Syndicating Real Estate


  • Andrew shares his background and how it led him to real estate investing
  • He talks about her experience with corporate finance
  • He tells the story of how he started syndicating real estate 



[08:19 - 14:38] The Challenges Of Managing Real Estate Investments

  • Andrew talks about the challenges of managing multiple investments, and how one way to overcome this is by investing in fewer deals with larger money amounts
  • Syndications can be a great way to get started in real estate investing
  • It is important for first-time investors to understand what they are getting into when investing in syndications
  • Bad property management is one of the biggest factors leading to a property’s failure
  • He recommends investors focus on long-term, value-add deals rather than quick, high-yield opportunities
  • The importance of being honest with potential investors about the risks and rewards of a particular investment


[14:39 - 29:28] Closing Segment

  • Andrew recommends that friends and family members should be mindful of their financial situation and not put themselves in a position where they cannot help those they care about
  • To learn more about Andrew Rosenberg, listeners can visit his LinkedIn!


Tweetable Quotes:

“I'm trying to understand how it's possible that the highest correlation to failure is bad property management.”  – Andrew Rosenberg


“I'm not saying don't invest in syndications, but I do think operators tend to ignore the downside risks beyond just what a fiduciary responsibility is. You do have an ethical obligation to really explain to people what they're getting into, and I don't think a lot of first-time investors truly understand what they're getting into.” – Andrew Rosenberg


Connect with Andrew through his: 

LinkedIn: Andrew Rosenberg

Website: CRE Spotlight

Podcast: Simply Sundays

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