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Apr 7, 2023

Bernard Reisz, CPA is a financial strategist and educator at who helps real estate investors elevate their ROI and wealth growth by leveraging real estate title and tax tools. He serves as the Chief Education Officer at ReSure Financial, where he curates a website to educate investors on topics like 1031 Exchange, Cost Segregation, and 401k/IRA. Bernard's expertise in financial, tax, real estate, and legal topics has made him a sought-after guest on numerous forums, where he shares his straight-talk and unique insights on various aspects of real estate tax matters. He is well-versed in advanced tax strategies such as UBIT, UBTI, UDFI, 453 Installment Sales, and more.



Are you looking to create long-lasting wealth through real estate investment? Do you want to learn about the benefits of diversification and how to make cash-flowing deals? Then this episode is for you. Our experts discuss the importance of thoughtful and unbiased financial advice, and why diversification is key to maintaining your lifestyle. We cover various types of investments such as residential and multi-family properties, farmland, mineral oil and gas, and affordable Class C properties. Our speakers also emphasize the importance of real estate tax tools like 1031 exchange, cost segregation, and self-directed retirement accounts to help you maximize your returns. We also discuss the value of charitable giving and the optimal amount of taxation. Tune in to this episode to learn more about creating long-lasting wealth through strategic financial planning and education in real estate investment.



[00:01 - 06:08] The Importance of Diversification and Tax Tools for Financial Success

  • Diversification is crucial to achieving financial success
  • Investments in various assets like oil and gas, farmland, and residential real estate can provide a safety net
  • There is no one-size-fits-all approach to investing
  • Thoughtful and unbiased advice is important


[06:09 - 12:22] Real Estate Tax Tools and Financial Freedom

  • People prioritize safety once they reach financial comfort
  • Diversification is key to maintaining lifestyle and progressing
  • Good tax advice is necessary for complex tax situations
  • Legitimate deductions should be claimed without fear of the IRS


[12:23 - 18:45] Insights on Tax Strategies and Private Charity

  • There is no patriotic duty to arrange affairs to benefit the treasury
  • Organizing transactions to create the lowest tax burden is crucial
  • Private charity is more effective than government bureaucracy


[18:46 - 20:04] Closing Segment



Tweetable Quotes:

“A red flag is only something to fear, if you've got something to hide.” – Bernard Reisz


“The first indication that you're dealing with people that are thoughtful and unbiased is when there is no one size fits all.” – Bernard Reisz


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