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The Academy Presents podcast

Feb 5, 2024

 How can technology make fundraising more accessible and efficient for both seekers and providers of capital?


Angel interviews Jesse, co-founder of VeroVend and DealFlow Exchange. Verivend is a platform that enables quick, secure transactions of large sums of money to facilitate fundraising. The newly launched DealFlow Exchange connects capital seekers and providers to streamline the investment process.


With over a decade of dedicated involvement in the dynamic realm of startups, Jesse Witkowski has honed a multifaceted expertise that spans across diverse sectors, including technology, wealth management, and fintech. His journey is marked by a proven track record of effective leadership, where he has not only guided ventures but also contributed to their significant expansion and success. Jesse's strategic acumen and visionary approach are particularly noteworthy, consistently delivering exceptional results even in resource-constrained environments. His reputation as a seasoned professional underscores his ability to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and drive sustained growth across various industries.


 [00:02:00 - 00:03:00] Beyond Wires and Fees


  • Verivend allows secure transfer of millions using verified accounts

  • Removes friction of traditional wire transfers that rely on banks

  • Nearly $1 billion transferred already through the platform


[00:05:00 - 00:07:00] Matchmaking for Capital Seekers 

  • DealFlow Exchange links those seeking capital with interested investors

  • Accredited investors access anonymized deal overviews to engage opportunities

  • Platform to become "social media for private capital"


 [00:07:00 - 00:09:00] Casting the Net for Compatible Deals

  • DealFlow Exchange open to smaller raises of a few million

  • Fees are economical at $9.99 per month to post deals

  • Family offices can easily filter for deals meeting their criteria


 [00:15:00 - 00:18:00] Investor-First Engagement Model

  • Puts onus on investors to identify and engage preferred deals

  • Creates more receptivity in deal principals to investor outreach

  • Recasts capital raising dynamic closer to "Bumble for investing"




"We have active family offices and other investors perusing the deals we've posted on the equity side, and then we also have direct lenders lined up on the debt side." - Jesse Witkowski


"Everybody's using the big tech companies, right? When you think of the Metas, Teslas, Twitters of the world - they give a ton away, but their valuations are still in the multi-billion dollar range." -= Jesse Witkowski

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