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The Academy Presents podcast

May 26, 2023

Unleash the hidden potential of commercial property redevelopment in the latest episode of the Real Estate Investing podcast! Join host Angel and special guest Jonathan as they unravel the complexities of revitalizing properties for maximum profit. From cracking the code of zoning regulations to unlocking funding opportunities from municipalities, they'll guide you through the maze of real estate transformation. Discover the magic of turning old industrial spaces into trendy lofts that are sure to captivate the market. But that's not all – learn the art of engaging with city council, mayors, and planners to secure your slice of future development. Unveil the master plans of forward-thinking cities that hold the blueprint for growth over the next 10, 15, or even 20 years. And here's the secret to success: stay connected, network with brokers and investors, and sharpen your skills to seize countless opportunities when acquiring properties. It's time to turn dreams into reality – tune in now and dive into the world of real estate investing, where the extraordinary awaits!




[00:01 - 06:39] Housings Over Industrial Properties in Real Estate

  • Be aware of zoning when investing in real estate
  • Municipalities often prefer housing over industrial properties 
  • Due diligence is needed to determine likelihood of tenant staying or leaving 


[06:40 - 12:47] Digging Deeper Into Redevelopment

  • Municipalities have designated certain areas as EDCs (Economic Development Corporations) and used tax funds to build lofts downtown
  • When redeveloping a warehouse, there are additional tests that need to be done due to chemicals used previously
  • Value add investors can diagnose properties and leases to increase rents and add value 


[12:48 - 18:46] Uncovering the Realities of Environmental Issues in Real Estate Investing

  • Environmental reports are necessary to ensure a property is safe to buy
  • Sellers must disclose any soil contamination to future buyers 


[18:47 - 24:49] Insights on Multi-Family Real Estate Investing in a Booming Economy

  • There’s an opportunity in real estate market for those who know what they are looking for
  • Buying properties with multiple options is important, so you don't have to force something to work 


[24:50 - 25:49] Closing Segment

  • Sharing information about chosen space is important to help others understand the way posts work
  • Listeners can visit to learn more about Jonathan and his work




Tweetable Quotes:


“So a lot of properties that have environmental issues have a hard time getting sold.” – Jonathan Hayek


“Be aware of zoning because those types of properties, they're not especially attractive and they may not bring in tons of property taxes.” – Jonathan Hayek



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