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Oct 21, 2022

This is part 3 of my conversation with K. Trevor Thompson. K. Trevor is based in Austin TX, participating as LP in 20 (15 active) switching to active with 2 GP syndicated deals. Over the past few years, he has become deeply passionate about learning about Real Estate Investing.  He is an avid learner, continually connecting with as many like-minded people. He is now switching to being active and looking to be a GP / Asset Manager – Boots on the ground for syndications in TX.


In this episode K. Trevor Thompson shares how it’s important to build a relationship with the team you’re working with in order to get the best results. He believes that deep relationships are key to success in real estate, noting that 90% of his deals are with smaller groups. He discusses the different ways in which they approach real estate. He offers valuable advice for those looking to join the real estate investment community. To learn more about K. Trevor and his work, listeners can visit Niagara Investments, LLC!


[00:01 - 02:03] Build A Relationship With Your Broker


  • K. Trevor discusses how building relationships is important for successful real estate investing



[02:04 - 14:41] How To Be Successful With Uncomfortable Conversations


  • K. Trevor says that it’s important to offer help and advice upfront


  • Smaller deals are often the best way to build relationships with people
  • He shares that they are always trying to help others to be successful
  • It’s important to have uncomfortable conversations when trying to help others
  • The difficulty with property management teams


[14:42 - 19:14] Closing Segment

  • K. Trevor shares that they find comfort in talking to others about their passions, and that this is a good way to learn
  • To learn more about K. Trevor, listeners can visit at his Red Wing Capital!


Tweetable Quotes:

“Try to come to them with that mindset I'm trying to help you be more successful.”  – K. Trevor Thompson


“Some people are very protective and that's just the way they were built. That's their mechanism of survival. And you got to make sure you don't challenge.” – K. Trevor Thompson

Connect with K. Trevor through his: 

Website: Niagara Investments, LLC

Facebook: Niagara Investments, LLC

Facebook: K. Trevor Thompson

YouTube: K. Trevor Thompson

LinkedIn: K. Trevor Thompson

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