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Oct 28, 2022

This is part 3 of my conversation with Andrew Rosenberg. Andrew Rosenberg, from Honolulu, Hawaii.  Married with a teenage son. Fourth Generation Entrepreneur, and works in Family Business with his father. 10+ years as a real estate investor. Making the transition from SFH to Multifamily Syndications. Purely passive Limited Partner investors. 3,000+ units and exceeding a dozen Syndication deals. Founder of the CRE SPOTLIGHT, a short content educational CRE production using captioned audio.  Co-Host with Christina Stevens of SIMPLY SUNDAYS, a monthly CRE Zoom Networking Meetup.


In this episode, Andrew stresses the importance of developing a strong relationship with potential clients before pitching them deals, as this will help ensure they are comfortable with the process and ultimately invest in your company. To learn more about Andrew and his work, listeners can visit his LinkedIn!


[00:01 - 06:54] Raising Money In-House Is Better


  • Andrew shares why raising money in-house is better



[06:55 - 17:02] Gain Credibility And Trust By Comparably Pricing Properties

  • Active syndicators often invest in deals with other syndicates
  • It takes a lot of relationships to build trust and success
  • One of the biggest problems for investors is pride
  • He shares his advice when looking at investments


[17:03 - 28:51] Closing Segment

  • Andrew advises young entrepreneurs to price their properties comparably to experienced local landlords in order to gain credibility and trust with potential investors
  • To learn more about Andrew, listeners can visit his LinkedIn!


Tweetable Quotes:

“If you don't have me in the 15 seconds, all that 45-minute webinar that I might watch, that's for my educational purposes or curiosity or the fact that I don't have a life and I'm a boring loser. That's all fine and good, but within that first 15 seconds, you lost the deal.”  – Andrew Rosenberg


“Pride is what gets you to chase high returns pride. Pride is what often gets you stuck in the sunk cost mentality because you're waiting to get back to break even that had nothing to do with numbers, has nothing to do with math or accounting, or finance or economics. Certainly, has nothing to do with rational thinking because you couldn't admit to losing money.” – Andrew Rosenberg


Connect with Andrew through his: 

LinkedIn: Andrew Rosenberg

Website: CRE Spotlight

Podcast: Simply Sundays

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