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The Academy Presents podcast

Feb 2, 2024

How can embracing the mastermind concept and community support transform your personal and professional journey?


In this enlightening episode], Angel Williams and Tianika "Ty" Mangum dive into the transformative power of community support and the mastermind concept. They discuss the importance of taking action in education and business, overcoming analysis paralysis, and the benefits of being held accountable within a support group. They also explore the impact of mastermind groups on personal growth and business success, highlighting the role of these groups in providing a push towards achieving goals. The conversation pivots to the significance of writing down goals and the psychological effects of this practice. Further, the episode delves into Ty's podcasting journey with "Tiny Steps Big Moves" and "TNT and Multifamily," shedding light on career pivots and the pursuit of generational wealth through real estate.



[00:00:00 - 00:06:00] The Mastermind Influence 

  • The role of community in personal growth.
  • Overcoming analysis paralysis through action.
  • The reciprocal nature of support in mastermind groups.


 [00:06:01 - 00:10:00] Harnessing the Power of Written Goals

  • Psychological impact of writing down goals.
  • Transitioning ideas from thought to action.
  • Real-life examples of goal-setting success.


 [00:10:01 - 00:14:00] Launching "Tiny Steps Big Moves"

  • Inspiration behind the podcast.
  • Focus on women's career changes and growth.
  • Incorporation of personal faith and money stories.


 [00:14:01 - 00:18:00] Exploring Real Estate with "TNT and Multifamily"

  • The journey into multifamily real estate.
  • Addressing generational wealth and finance education.
  • Guest experiences and learning in real estate investment.


[00:18:01 - 00:20:00] Future Endeavors and Wrap-Up 

  • Ty's new website and personal development initiatives.
  • Reflections on the podcast episode.
  • Encouragement for listeners to take action.




"Done is better than perfect. Just do it." - Angel Williams


"Writing it down... helps you but yeah, the mastermind has pushed me in a different direction." Tianika "Ty" Mangum



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