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The Academy Presents podcast

Sep 18, 2023

How do you find out who is a good fit when partnering on a deal? In this episode of The Academy Presents: Real Estate Investing Rocks, we welcome Sandra Benenate. Sandra is a former COO of a regional property management company, who oversaw the operations, acquisition, and sales of over 7000 units in the Gulf South; a portfolio valued at over 262MM (2012 values), and a staff of 300+. Seeing a need in the industry, Sandra formed Strategic Property Consulting. A multi-platform company offering asset and due diligence consulting. With her skills and knowledge, she plans to bring her experience to new levels and assist others in their multifamily asset purchases and needs.     

Sandra shares her tips on where to look for referrals, such as social media groups and local apartment associations.


Tune in now as Sandra emphasizes the need to be able to cancel contracts if someone is not a good fit and discuss other important considerations!  


[00:01 - 01:22] Unlocking the Keys to Successful Property Management

  • Angel welcomes back, Sandra Benenate
  • Sandra is a former COO of a regional property management company


[01:23 - 04:59] Tips For Getting The Best Of The Best

  • Her background in construction and property management
  • Knowledge with others through Strategic Property Consulting
  • Before hiring a property management team, one should know what kind of property they own or buying


[05:00 - 07:39] Finding The Right Property Management Team

  • Property management is a business looking to get paid
  • Know how many doors you have to manage
  • Training process and vetting of employees


[07:40 - 17:13] Closing Segment

  • Sandra offers her insights into finding and working with a great property management team!
  • Tune in to this episode to learn more about Sandra!


Tweetable Quotes:

“If you feel that they're not making the improvements and the strides and the leasing that you feel is necessary. Go hire somebody else, don't get stuck with mediocre just because you're worried about finding somebody new.” – Sandra Benenate


“You have to know what you want. You need to understand what you need before you start interviewing and managing a property management team.” – Sandra Benenate



You can connect with Sandra Benenate!

LinkedIn: Sandra Benenate

LinkedIn: Disrupt Equity


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