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The Academy Presents podcast

May 17, 2023

Looking to make your money work for you in the real estate market? Then tune in to this podcast episode, where Luke shares valuable insights and advice on how to get started. From the growing housing market in Texas to alternative investments like multi-family and commercial real estate, Luke covers a range of topics to help you build wealth through real estate investing. Don't miss out on this must-listen episode that will leave you feeling confident and informed about real estate investment strategies!




[00:01 - 07:40] Learn How to Take Advantage of Landlord Friendly States and Grow Your Wealth

  • Real estate investing involves more than just four walls and a roof 
  • Average people own residences, not just big companies


[07:41 - 15:12] The Importance of a Small Business Owner Mindset

  • It is important to know your operating team and have the mindset of being a small business investor/owner
  • It is important to educate potential investors on why alternative investments are different from paper assets 
  • Be genuine in conversations with potential investors and build rapport with them


[15:13 - 22:21] How to Create Passive Income and Build Wealth

  • Networking and relationship building can open up opportunities
  • Land isn't being created, so prices will increase over time 


[22:22 - 24:06] Closing Segment

  • Why doubling investment is needed to negate gains
  • Listeners can visit to learn more about Luke and his work




Tweetable Quotes:


“If you invest enough in networking and relationship, you're gonna find opportunities.” – Luke Grieshop


“I think that's what you really are as a salesperson. You're an educator. ” – Luke Grieshop



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