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The Academy Presents podcast

Oct 31, 2022

This is part 1 of my conversation with Fiya Mosley. Fiya holds a BS in Health Education from Boise State University. She is experienced in real estate sales and multifamily property owners. Fiya’s past employment at juvenile detention gave her a passion for mentoring teens and young adults. She has always found real estate to be an extremely valuable avenue for high-yield investing. With these two passions, we have created a company that uses real estate investing to develop young adults into leaders. To become positive prosperous contributors to our society, their peers, and family.


In this episode, Fiya shares their experience in the real estate industry and how they’ve been able to start a successful business. She discusses how it’s not an easy task and that it often takes a lot of work and patience to be successful. She shares her advice for anyone starting out in the real estate industry, highlighting the importance of networking and learning as much as possible.


To learn more about Andrew and his work, listeners can visit her AM Multifamily Investments, LLC!


[00:01 - 05:36] Be Thankful For The Hard Times In Your Life


  • Fiya discusses how she experienced various hardships throughout her life



[05:37 - 12:47] Being Vulnerable Has Opened Doors

  • She emphasizes the importance of allowing others to be open to change and growth
  • She talks about her experience with a brain tumor, which led her to pursue a degree in psychology and addictions counseling
  • Doing Facebook videos in order to practice being vulnerable
  • The negative experiences with real estate


[12:48 - 18:08] Closing Segment

  • Fiya talks about how she is going to use her education and experience to help others in the future
  • To learn more about Fiya, listeners can visit her at AM Multifamily Investments, LLC!


Tweetable Quotes:

“I am all about as you grow and you advance, you take other people with you. I think that's really what life's all about.”  – Fiya Mosley


“Multi-family has opened more doors for me to be able to have better entrepreneurial skills, really execute my creative visions that I didn't even know I had that have gotten such great responses.” – Fiya Mosley


Connect with Fiya through her:

Website: AM Multifamily Investments, LLC

LinkedIn: Fiya Mosley

Instagram: Fiya Mosley

Facebook: Fiya Mosley

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